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The Ultimate Guide to Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing
Written by Tyler James Brown

So, you want to learn intuitive energy healing, do you?...

Maybe you are looking to become an intuitive healer, or an intuitive healing practitioner?

Perhaps you just want to learn the healing arts in order to restore you own mind, spirit, body and health... And get your life back on track, energy wise.

Perhaps you are dreaming of the day where you don't have the heavy feeling of dread, sadness or sorrow darkening your life...

And you desperately want to fill your life with love, light, happiness and joy...

... And you never want to feel the heavy darkness again.

Sound about right?

Don't worry. You are not alone. In fact, this is want literally millions of people around crave for every single day.

The good news is, it's now time to heal yourself from all of the things that are holding you back in life...

In this post, you have got some valuable knowledge inside this post that is going to help heal you completely and fill your life with the happiness, love, light and joy that you are craving.

In this post, you are going to learn:

  1. How Intuitive Energy Healing Works
  2. The Different Types of Energy Healing
  3. Exactly How to Tell if You Are Healing
  4. How to Avoid Slipping Back To Old Habits


Sound good?

Let's not keep you waiting anymore...

Let's go!

How Does Intuitive Energy Healing Work?

Intuitive Energy healing is all about restoring the balance and flow of energy throughout your mind, body and soul.

It works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being, and is often seen as a powerful treatment to various medical conditions, or afflictions related to mental health...

It creates its healing powers by fixing the energy flow in your body. It is a firm belief amongst intuitive healers that once the energy flow gets fixed, you will automatically become cured.

What Are The Different Types Of Energy Healing?

There are many different energy healing techniques, all of which work differently to heal you.

Here are the top 5 most important types of intuitive energy healing techniques:

1) Intuitive Reiki Healing

What is Intuitive Reiki Healing?... Intuitive Reiki Healing is a perfect way to reduce stress and anxiety, while receiving peace, well-being, and the sense of security.

It's seen as one of the most powerful ways of helping those who practice it achieve and maintain balance through out their lives... Which is important when you are experiencing change in your life.

People find the results from Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions completely and utterly life changing, and find themselves clear from emotional and negative energy.

Here are a few different Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions available to you:

  1. Clearing Emotional Energy
  2. Energy Attuned Floral Essences
  3. Gemstone Therapy
  4. The Healing Vibration of Sound from the Himalayan and/or crystal singing bowls.

2) Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is designed to use your body's life force to heal your body energy. It works specifically on the energy of your body and your aura.

This technique will clean the toxic from your, therefore accelerating the healing process.

3) Crystal Healing

Crystal intuitive healing is used to draw out the impurities from your body. They work differently on the body and actually work on different kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Crystals also work to push away negative energy from your body, which shakes up your mental and physical well-being.

4) Quantum Healing

Quantum intuitihealing is built on the principle of resonance and entertainment. By using advanced breathing and visualization of energy flow you can elevate the energy level in your body.

The benefits of Quantum energy healing is not only spiritual, but it also has a positive impact on your immune system.

5) Qigong

Qigon is used to find the balance of the body you have lost. By using coordinated movements of your body, alongside breathing, and meditation you will stimulate you health and spirituality. This particular technique is over 4,000 years old and stems from Chinese medicine and healing.

How Do You Know If Your Intuitive Energy Healing Is Working?

Knowing whether or not your intuitive energy healing is working is simply through thoughts and feelings.

How has your mental state change since investing in intuitive energy healing?...

... How do you feel physically?

....Are you happier, full of energy and all around more balanced?

... Has your stress and anxiety been dissolved or reduced?

Simple signs like this is the fastest indicator of your intuitive healing working successfully for your life, energy and health.

With that being said, here are six early healing signs that you are a successful intuitive energy healer:

  1. Your ongoing feelings of physical, mental, or emotional discomfort have dissolved from your life...
  2. You feel full of energy every single day...
  3. You have found energy balance and consistency in your life...
  4. You no longer suffer from chronic stress and anxiety...
  5. You have confidence in your intuition...


Often times, the energy field around your body needs to be detoxified and become healed of the damage that has built over time.

How to Avoid Slipping Back To Old Habits?

I get it...

You don't want go through the effort of healing yourself to find yourself right back to square one a year later.

So how do you make sure you stay on track and maintain your new-found, healed mind, body and spirit?

By stay consistent with the techniques you learned today...

This is never going to be a one and done situation. You need to practice your healing consistently, and it is through your consistency & commitment that you will find yourself never slipping back to an unhealed state.


It can take time and seem like hard work to fully heal your physical and spiritual mind and also body, especially if you have never used intuitive healing or the healing arts...

It's going to take practice to get the results you want as a healer but if you follow one of these techniques I listed above you will shortcut the time it takes to work and get the healing results you are looking for.

If you have read this entire post and you are feeling like the healing arts and becoming a healer yourself is not for you and you may prefer to hire an energy healing practitioner, that's ok too as long as it means you get to ultimate improve your health. That's the most important thing.

However, I will say that you don't need hours of healing practice to start seeing benefits of even just one of the techniques in this post, and you also certainly don't have to be a professional intuitive energy healing practitioner.

But what I will say is if once you successfully heal yourself of negative energy and cleanse your mind, body and spirit, you will become more powerful at manifesting and also ultimately become more abundant...

You won't get the daily feeling of heaviness, dread or sorrow...

The negative energy is one that will not consume you anymore...

The feeling of happiness, joy and unrivalled energy will consume you...

And remember, you don't need to be a practitioner to achieve this...

No longer do you have spend your evenings scouring Google for answers. I know what that's like, because so many of my clients have been in the same position...

... Searching things like "energy healers edmonton" or energy healing edmonton" (obviously depending on your location in this world lol)...

... Desperately trying to find answers...

... But what you didn't realise is that you didn't need a practitioner. In fact, there was only one personal you needed this whole time... YOU!

I know you may have read this whole post and you may still be skeptical but all I can say is PICK ONE of the techniques above and try it for one month. Make the conscious decision to heal yourself starting today...

You won't regret it and you will thank yourself for it!

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