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Silence is Golden

personal development Jan 07, 2020
I felt compelled to write today about accessing your higher self through the silence that can be found in meditation and the benefits of that. As the years roll by it is in no doubt that life is getting more and more hectic and complicated, and the average individual seems to have little or no time for his or her self.
In fact, as a result of this, most of us don’t even know who we really are above and beyond our obligations to others and satisfying agendas that have little or nothing to do with anything that reinforces our own reason for being on this beautiful little blue planet of ours.
It is so sad though, isn’t it?
Sad that we forget what made us excited when we were children, what dreams we had that we have lost somewhere in the far recesses of our subconscious.
And, the unfortunate truth is you cannot reconnect with your purpose or bliss until you take the time to go back within, into the silence and find those treasures that you have stored in your subconscious and reconnect with them.
You see it is not enough to do for others alone, and I know that might selfish but it really isn’t. You have to know how to love and give to yourself before you will ever be able to do it for others in an effective way. I am talking about giving to yourself in a spiritual sense rather than in a material way here.
When was the last time you made an appointment with you and treated it as a priority? You see, if you always give priority to others and their wants and needs, then ultimately you will erode your own sense of self-worth and there will in effect be less of you to give to others, so doing this is counterproductive in every way.
Make an appointment with you today if only for 10 minutes with your eyes closed in a relaxed place and with no distractions. There is no need to even think about anything in particular; in fact, thinking about nothing is a terrific tonic! Just concentrate on your breathing, nice deep breaths whilst focusing on the breath going in and out. Above all go with it and relax into it.
Although this sounds like a minor thing to do it will have a major impact on your life.
Trust me, try it today and let me know how you get on.
Wishing you health, wealth and happiness always!
- Robert
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